Les bénéfices seront directement réinvestis dans les usines libanaises et les travailleurs au jour le jour

Industries in Lebanon

By common sense the best measure of a country’s strength is its capability to manufacture and produce goods for self-abundance and export of the excess.

In Lebanon, we have the absolute ability to sustain our lifestyle, and improve the lifestyle of many under the poverty line.

Avoiding a long entrée article about the political aspects inhibiting a Lebanese industrial revolution, that would allow us to rise to the occasion of taking advantage of the pure geographical dominance, it is important to know that not all industries are able to compete in the international market irrelevant of the quality of the product made.

However, in this terrible economy, Lebanese Artisanal decided that we should import Lebanese handmade non franchised items to Europe for support the crafts community still going strong since the late 1800s.

Our export efforts from Lebanon, along with other active Lebanese expats, are a guarantee that at least 100 craftsmen have demand on their handmade item, which ultimately supports 100 family at least.  

We are proud to be selling the center pieces of the Lebanese kitchen from sustainable recycled material. From traditional water jugs, to oil dispensers to juice jugs called the “Taljeh”.

Different kinds of pitchers have different names, such as the snake and the flat based duck.

These jugs are made from the glass collected from the damaged buildings from the criminal explosion of the Beirut Port on August 4th. 

We are hopeful that the next order from Lebanon will include food items from Mooneh stores to try and support the families that create the delicious labneh and zaatar that you crave early morning with your coffee or tea.