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About us

Recycled glass, items made in Lebanon

      We are a group of young men in Lebanon who have decided to fight against the economic recession in the country by selling purely Lebanese handmade, non-franchised products abroad.

      Our plan is simple, try and create as much work as possible, hence creating jobs and giving back to our blue-collar workers in Lebanon and helping them make ends meet. We’re buying items from small factories in Tripoli, Batroun and Saida. However, our focus at the time being is the Ibriq.

     To most of our visitors the Ibriq is just another household drink-ware; but to us it’s so much more.  
         The Ibriq is a chalice of pride, heritage, and history;
         It’s the freshness of clean cut glass on a Sunday afternoon BB;
         It is the delight raising the ice-cold jug embraced with dew beads in the middle of a meal between family and friends and competing who could raise it higher;
         It is a taste of home far from home.

“Made from the glass of the Beirut Blast” – Uniglass