About us

Recycled glass, items made in Lebanon

My name is Yahya Faitrouni. I live together with my family in Germany, in Rhineland-Palatinate, at the Mosel.
Already in my youth I spent my free time at "Uniglass". This is a glass processing factory in Tripoli, Lebanon. It was founded many years ago by my grandfather. With my siblings and cousins we were allowed to be present at the production of the traditional Ibriqs. From melting down the old glass to molding and decorating. Over the years, this joint work has firmly welded our family together.
Since becoming a father myself, I have become more and more interested in making a difference in our homeland. I wish that my children can experience Lebanon exactly as I was able to experience it in my childhood and youth. A beautiful country with a large loving circle of family and friends around you.
The August 4, 2020 explosion in Beirut has changed the lives of us Lebanese. Our country is getting worse day by day. After this tragic incident, the broken glass was recycled at "Uniglass" and turned into the Ibriqs.
With the sale of these Ibriqs I would like to give especially the Lebanese abroad the opportunity to have a piece of home with them. At the same time, both you and I are supporting the preservation of small businesses in Lebanon. Together we give them the chance to be seen all over the world!